Ban Vicious Wildlife Bloodsports (Penning/Baiting) in the United States

Bear Penning


The Members of Congress of the United States

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior

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This petition represents an appeal by concerned taxpayers, citizens, tourists and visitors to the United States, to ban the barbaric and sadistic abuse of wildlife for sport and entertainment, popularly known as “Penning” & “Bear Baiting/Penning,” Wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, and bears, the main targets, are confined in enclosures, where they cannot escape from hunting dogs that tear them to pieces, while still alive. The animals most victimized in penning are coyotes and foxes that are trapped and taken to private enclosures or “running pens”. The trapped animals in addition to bearing wounds from traps, endure high levels of stress while being transported in cages, only to be horrifically killed in penning sessions. Ostensibly, this penning is done to train dogs to hunt, but also for the entertainment of bystanders who take pleasure in watching animals writhe in agony while their bodies are ripped to pieces. This practice is a stain on the reputation of the United States and is banned in most civilized, western countries. Watch the Youtube Video

Mutalated Fox

When it comes to bears, the act descends even deeper into human degradation. It is called “bear baiting”, but in fact, is actually “bear tethering/penning” since like the other animals, these bears cannot escape and their end is equally tortured and inhumane. Bears have their teeth and claws removed, and then are tethered to a post to be subjected to repeated assaults by dogs until they die in extreme agony. Without teeth or claws, the bear cannot defend himself and is tortured without mercy, until his last breath. This inhumane practice is called “sport” and is legal only in Pakistan and the United States of America. Learn more.This is not sport. This is horrific and unconscionably cruel and intentional animal abuse.

We ask that you ban these practices completely in all 50 states and mandate prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, with heavy fines and jail sentences imposed upon anyone found guilty of practicing these most repugnant acts. Learn More - Bloodsports: Penning, Baiting, Trapping

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