Help Support the Fur Labeling Act - Please follow the steps

Let's help congress pass the bill H.R.2480, and it's sister bill S.1076. These bills will disallow untrue labeling of fur products. This will stop dog and cat fur from being sold as "faux," as well as Chinese raccoon dog fur from being labeled "Asiatic Raccoon."

Step 1 - To find your Local Senator(s), click here: - Find Your Senator(s)

Step 2 - To find your local Rep, click here - Find Your Representative

Step 3 - Copy the suggested letter

Please select all of the suggested letter's text below and then right click it, and choose "Copy." Then go back to your senator and representative's website, in his or her email box, right click and choose "Paste." Now you can submit it to him or her. Feel free to add or change anything, thanks you your support.

You will have two Senators and one local Representative, please send this to both of your Senators as well as your Representative to really support the "Truth in Fur Labeling Act."

Step 4 - Tell your friends

If even just a fraction of animal loving americans see this page, this bill will certainly go through! We have successfully stopped many bad laws and helped start good laws in the past with email protests just like this, and we will continue doing so with your help.

So please tell your friends to go to this page and send this letter to their congress men and women. We're the only voice the animals have.

Email them this page: